Taking a Break


I am taking a break from writing today. Whew I have logged alot of time at the computer these past 4 weeks. I am writing lessons for online classes and wow are they eating up my time. the best part is once I have them written I can save them and use them again for the next set of classes I teach. I am teaching EQ Classes and I am Going to teach an EQ Art Class that will be fun! I am also designing and need to get back in the Studio to make several samples for the new patterns. I have a BOM Stars in the Night started on my Yahoo group. Check it out. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quiltingunderthecovers/ Here is a Picture of the EQ Pattern. I found a great program online for doing my lessons I am going to use it in the patterns as well. Nice clear clean pictures. It is called Snagit I am in love with the program. Well I will try to post daily but hope 3 times a week at least. I love what I am doing now and am so happy I am able to do what I love.



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