Mark Lipinski at it again!

You rock! As I do know Mark if he found you then you are on the in list! Have fun designing I know I am! Mark is the best thing to happen in quilting since sliced bread! A breathe of fresh air etc etc etc…. I know he has won many hearts over with his laughter and wit. I wish you and Mark great success! Enjoy the ride!
This is a comment I left on the Stripping with the Stars Designers Blog (Yes I did miss label the quilt gessh I do need more Coffee this morning). She was miffed that Mark did not acknowledge her as the designer. In all fairness to Mark if we are not told who the designer is how can we know. I think we all have an obligation to acknowledge the designers new and old when their work is presented or present in photo ops media web site etc. I wonder sometimes upon seeing a stunning quilt who made it and why. Gessh can’t we just give credit where credit is do! Okay stepping down off my soap box for now! Luann


One thought on “Mark Lipinski at it again!

  1. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today, Luann in CT! The funny thing is, I’m the webmaster and quilt designing computer geek for and her blog. “I” am the one who edited & perfected her post about my quilt, Strippin’ with the Stars” — so, it was ALL ME {blush} who forgot to give credit to myself! I’ve been designing quilts for her for so long, it just feels like we’re one in the same these days. What a piece of work I am, not even giving myownself an attaboygirl!

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