Designing Away!


This is an Art Quilt Round Robin 9 seperate blocks joined to make one Cottage Quilt!

Whew I am so busy designing more Bed Scarves, writing lesson plans, and making class samples. Geesshhh I am so glad I have a great Boss! She lets me slack off every now and again.  I know I have to meet a few deadlines so the push is on. I need to re-write a few patterns, as well as write an outline for a book on Bed Scarves, monitor my online classes and cut, sew and quilt my sample quilts! Just another busy day in the life of a quilt pattern designer, EQ and quilt class teacher. I do love it as when I need to rest I always have something to do in the down time. I must contact my pattern proofer and get a few more patterns tested. Time really flies when you are having fun. I am just now reading the Latest July/August Issue of Mark Lipinski’s Quilters Home magazine. Great article’s I just love seeing my name in print hehehehe. I love the Bed Scarf Layout and am so happy to be published in the best quilting magazine on the market today. Stay tuned for more exciting quilt patterns. Happy Quilting!



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