Back to Design Board!

Yep I am finally back to designing quilts and Bed Scarves in EQ6. I am teaching EQ6 Classes at Newtown Quilts in Newtown CT. I am also writing a Color Theory Class for Newtown Quilts. I am teaching 3 different applique patterns there as well. I am happy to be back to designing, piecing and applique. I have missed it. I have been in kid watching mode and my dear grandson and I have been very busy. He starts school next week and I am so happy to have my time back.  I have several quilt patterns ready to print just need to sit and do it. I am cleaning the stash room and refolding all my personal stash fabric. Wow what a job it is. I am trying to take all the small pieces out and store the fabric in piles of color I will take a Photo when I finish. I have needed to do this for a while and can’t buy anymore fabric until it is completed. I hope everyone has had a great summer. I am looking forward to Fall and some personal time to sew, design and quilt!

Happy Quilting! Luann


2 thoughts on “Back to Design Board!

  1. It’s truly a small world, or something like that. My aunt lived in Newtown CT for many, many years. She moved back to Utah about 6 years ago.

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