Working away!

My Version of a Convergence Quilt

My Version of a Convergence Quilt

Yes I am alive and well. I am busy working on patterns and designs as well as a book. I have several projects going at once. I also am making a few things for Holiday gifts. I sometimes fell like the Energizer Bunny. But that’s okay. I am enjoying the journey! I had a nice relaxing holiday at my sisters cottage. We ate lots and enjoyed watching the little ones play. I have 2 new tables in the Quilt Studio. I love them. I am actually quilting more since they came in. Since I have a dedicated space I wanted tables that I could leave open and not worry about closing things up. I found Sew Prefect tables at the Houston Quilt Inc Festival. Wow are they well made. I bought 1 table there and ordered the 2nd one when I got the first one delivered. It makes my designing so much easier! The company is in Maine and they are hand made by the designer the inserts come from the company in Idaho and fit like a glove. I will take photos today and post them this week. I also bought the Kaleidoscope add on for my EQ6 program and did the free lesson on the EQ6 web site I loved it. What a great company and wonderful products from EQ just great. The book I am writing is on Bed Scarves. I have to make my samples and then see if it will be a known publisher or if I self publish… More on that later. I am always designing and now writing even more. I hope my proof-er can keep up. Well that’s all for now I will try to update more often.

Happy Quilting! Luann


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