Alive and Well


Okay I survived the Holidays did you? I had facial surgery and am recovering nicely. My Doc is great but he so loves to torture me! I made several 5″ by 7″ mini thank you quilts for the Doc and Hospital Staff in pre and post op. I dropped them off today and they all loved them. Yikes I forgort to take photos oh well. I will of the 2 I do today they will be an arty one and a Rose one I really liked. I had fun doing them. It was easy and put no pressure on the face. I also made my version of Mark Lipinski’s Tote bag in the current issue of Mark’s magazine here is a nice photo of it. I made a second one smaller since the dear daughter had to have this one!

I am designing and I am trying to write a power point program for EQ6. I am giving a lecture and a class on EQ6 and they wanted a power point presentation. Sooo I will give them one! I also need to design a nice quilt for the torturer and get that done by the end of the month.

I am working on a book I hope to get all the samples made in the next month.  So rest assured I am quilting away and always trying to design fresh new quilts for us to make! Stay Warm and Happy Quilting



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