Begin at the Beginning

Well just got back from the movies. It was an AH HA moment for me. I have neglected my Blog and my yahoo group far too long. I realize that I can now share my thoughts on Quilting and my Design process. I hope all will see the process involved and enjoy the stories and patterns as they evolve.
Today no actual redesigning took place. I have a few thoughts going though my head to get put to test. Look for them in the near future. I did work on patterns for Fall and Halloween Table runners. I am planning a booklet for the seasonal table runners. More on that soon. I love the process but at times I can not keep up with the writing. Now that my grandson is in full day camp and school is around the corner, my schedule will be so much better.
I also have been watching the original new show on QNN Quilt Out Loud. What a breath of fresh air. I absolutely love the show and see a wonderful future for Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski. I love both of them and theyare just like that in real life. I hope you join QNN and enjoy all the programming.


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