Ramblings on a Rainy Day

Masslight01_opsailAnother photo by my friend Jackie!

Ah sweet summer, the Sunshine, the smells, the flowers, and sailing the sound. Well I can dream can’t I. This summer is absolutely the wettest in many, many years. I am not liking all this rain. It is better than drought and I know that, but geesh Mother Nature come on now a little sun helps things to grow. Since it is raining a lot I am getting so many things done. I finished the 2 table runners for classes I am teaching! Yeah me! I also fixed the Cottage Quilt binding I did not like the bulges on the sides. Now it is even and flat. I worked on supply lists and patterns. I will cut a few more quilt projects out and  finish Posies on Parade WH. I really like this pattern I hope you will as well. I need to get the little guy well not so little anymore LOL this afternoon. Then back home to work some more. I am getting better about working and feel better when I can mark somethings off that To Do List. I hope the weather is nice where ever you are. Enjoy your day!

Happy Quilting


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