Hot Hot Hot!

Dreaming of Fall Weather

Dreaming of Fall Weather

Summer is here whew is it hot today! I am happy to be back home and cool. I really do not the heat! I was born in the winter and do so much better in the cool weather. I am happy I have AC. I am sitting in my car watching the SyFy channel and sipping iced tea. Relaxing after being in the heat. I will not move outside for the rest of the nite. I hope this heatwave breaks soon give me the high 70’s blue skies and a light breeze with No Humidity! I tried working on my applique today was not into it. I figured out I need to rework the design to simplify it. So I will do that then get it finished. I will work on a few things for my guild show in the fall. I will stay cool in the Quilt Studio and get a few more things sandwiched and ready for quilting. I have one business quilt to finish piecing then machine quilt to get it out in the market. I hope to start morphing the designs into more challenging patterns. I really think that is the way I need to go. Stay cool!

Happy Quilting!


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