Ok so being sick is no excuse but……

So being sick is no excuse but it is a valid reason to not get any work done. I am feeling a little better hopefully I will be all better soon. I did get to watch the latest Quilt Out Loud  on QNNTV segment with Mark Lipinski and Jodie Davis. It was wonderful as usual Jodie demonstrated applique by machine doing a basket handle. Very informative. She is as nice in person as she is on the air. Mark is Mark you love him or not, but he has brought the quilting industry to it’s knees. He has changed the way we are perceived. He has made quilting fun again. He has shown others we quilters are not little old ladies sitting around a frame quilting. Does that still happen yes. Is it the norm NO. We are a multi faceted group women, men, teens, children. We use are art to keep us warm, express our selves and use all means and mediums to accomplish that. What do you love about quilting? Why do you quilt? I quilt because I love quilts and wanted to make my own. I quilt because I love fabric and had to have more. I quilt for the joy it gives me when I sew the last stitch in the binding and put the label on. I quilt for Me! It is all about what is important to you. Not your guild memebers not your friends not the quilt police but you. So find 30 mins a day and quilt. Cut out a few blocks or piece a few blocks or hand or machine quilt a piece that is hanging around too long. Do it you will be amazed at what you can get done in 30 mins a day. Wow yes I guess I am feeling better. Sorry for the rambling but let me know if you are working on your quilting!

Happy Quiltingvincent-van-gogh-vase-with-daisies-and-poppies


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