Unsewing my least favorite thing!

628_Bouquet_of_SunflowersOkay! Well I just finished putting a wall hanging together after having to use my seam ripper a lot! Yep ripping seams is not on my fun to do list. I really hate having to rip out a great seam with excellent line up because I put the dang thing in upside down or sideways. Even using the design wall I got it wrong. Hubby says I am in game mode not sewing mode hence the mistakes. he could be correct. I also had the dang dog barking his fool head off. Not easy to do things with that racket going on. The upside is I did get the wall hanging to the point of adding borders and then need to appliquéthe flowers, stems and leaves in place. Then sandwich and quilt it. Send the pattern off to my proofers and finally print the pattern and get it out to the shops. Such work but also a lot of joy when I finish another pattern. Hubby and grandson are having a fun play day today at an amusement park. They will  be tired when they get home. So I get to do what I want today. Will try for cutting out borders and appliqué pieces.  I am tired today but will get this wall hanging finished soon.

Happy Quilting!


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