Almost finished piecing Posies on Parade WH!

Whew it is a struggle getting back to piecing and quilting! I finally finished the the piecing yesterday an on-point setting and all the frog stitch I had to do. I cut out the inner border and had to order a piece of fabric in pink 1930’s repro for the outer border I did not have enough pink to cut the last border. I also cut out the appliqué flowers and leaves. I will baste the stems in place and work on them later today or tomorrow. I have to sandwich a few of my quilts waiting for quilting. These are all business quilts patterns written awaiting there debut. I want to get them finished so I can work on some fresh new designs more complicated and challenging quilts. I do want to do what I love and that is appliqué and paper piecing and more challenging quilts. So that is what I shall do! Now to allow the Quilting Fairy to do her job. In still in me the designs just wanting to come to life. Stay tuned to see the Posies on Parde WHlatest new designs. Here is the Posies on Parade WH and TR. Cut, piece, press and quilt for as long as you like, but always have fun!

Happy Quilting!


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