Fabric Arrived!

Monkey BusinessThank You eQuilter I so love to order from them. I received my 1930’s repro fabric in the mail today. I can cut the final border for the Posies on Parade WH. I need to sit and do the hand appliqué on the main part of the quilt. Then add the 2 borders and do the appliqué at the bottom of the quilt. Sandwich the quilt and quilt it then photograph it as well as review the pattern for errors. Post it for testing at the yahoo group. give it to my tester here to proof read and test then finally publish the pattern. That means designing the cover and back of the pattern. printing the patterns, covers and backs. Folding the patterns and stuffing sleeves. then getting them out on the market. Ah the pure joy of quilt pattern designing! But you know I do love it!  I have fun with just about every aspect of the process. I do not do everything everyday. I take each step as it comes. I do find I need to be in the groove for each part of the process. I can not sew or design or quilt if my head is somewhere else. All is dependent on the pain factor as well. So on my good days I just run with it. On my bad days I goof off. Not bad being your own Boss. Deadlines are a must to good performance. I will just keep on doing it my way.

Happy Quilting!


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