Organizing to make Life Easier

Do you ever wish you lived in the perfect world. Where everything is organized and has it’s own place. I do! We are looking at draw inserts for the kitchen cabinets and to make my life easier. The trying to find the right pot or lid is getting to be such a hassle. As my mobility decreases the frustration increases. In my studio I have made everything easier for me to get to. In the rest of the house I am slowly getting things reorganized for me to handle. I have decided on the roll out inserts from Costco. Custom made to my cabinets. Not anymore expensive than the ready made ones at Lowes. So hubby will measure I will order and he will install. All is well with the world. I try to keep a bright outlook and know this will help me to find what I need when I want to cook. Now to declutter the Studio of fabric by making more quilts. It just might be easier to find what I have in there too.  

Happy Quilting



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