How things change!

Well the son is home for the long weekend. How strange it is when our grown children come home. It is a different relationship as they mature and grow up. They will always be our kids, but as they grow we find less child and more adult. That transition is not a quick one. They slowly evolve and grow into this new person. We sit back and say wow we did good! I enjoy when my family is around me, but I also am comfortable in doing my own things. It is hard to be quiet. Keep the dog from barking and try to stay out of his way. It all works out in the end. I love having him here but I also love to go back to normal routines when he leaves. That said I am working on the Posies quilt got all the stems on the body of the quilt. I need to get the borders flowers centers and leaves on it. I am going to try to get the business quilts 12 of them sandwiched this weekend. I need them out of my hair. I also want to make arrangements with Jackie the P1010100photographer to take photos of all my quilts. Are you ready Jackie!!!! Thanks for listening to me. Enjoy the long weekend I know I will.

Happy Quilting!


One thought on “How things change!

  1. I will drop a note later…my last work day is next Thursday…but I need to get an oil change on the car-soon.
    Our visits are too far apart…give my best to Chris, Mike, Mom…& Jen….talk later.
    Just got back from a local farm stand…got some great looking zucchini–for Chocolate zucchini cake…yummmmmmmmmmm

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