The Holiday Weekend

Another of Jackies great photos

Another of Jackies great photos

What are you doing this last weekend of Summer. Well I think it was summer. The Calender said it was but I am not so sure! The weather in the Northeast was horrible. Rained all the time. We had about 2 weeks of HHH weather. A little warmer today then back to cooler weather. I am not complaining about the 70 degree days. I enjoy that weather so much it is perfect IMHO. I am happy we have a nice weekend. We have normal weekend stuff to do today. Tomorrow is a picnic by the shore with family. Monday I hope to get the business stuff sandwiched with hubby’s able assistance. He does that so well. He has nice long arms and is a perfectionist at smoothing out all the wrinkles. I designed a new quilt yesterday and will get that one out as soon as I write the instructions. I think this one will be a winner. I do have to figure out a good technique to make the blocks. I will figure it out and it will come together nicely. It uses charm squares so it should be a great pattern for all those collected packets. More to come on that soon. Well off and running. Have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend!

Happy Quilting!


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