Another Beautiful Day!

Cabin Roses 2webOh how wonderful to have been blessed with such nice weather over the past few days. The pain index is down. The air conditioners are off. The windows are open. The wind chimes are singing. The birds are chirping. Life is good. I will sandwich several projects today when the shade covers the deck. I need to get them done. I will also learn the new publishing program this week. I really need new designs. I also have to organize the 2 books I am writing and make sections of each piece to be photographed. I am still appliqueing the Posies on Parade Wall Hanging coming along nicely I think. I need to clean up the Studio and try to find a few things I need in there. Always fun! So that is my beginning of my week and the quilting season. I enjoyed my day with family yesterday. Always nice to have those you love around you. Sometimes it is far to long between those times. Stay Safe. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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