What is Happening on the Roads!

Ok I am a safe driver. I know I am. I am not aggressive. I allow people out in front of me. I allow people to pass me if they seem in a hurry. I try to obey all the traffic laws. I do seem to exceed the speed limit if I am listening to some good music. I try to listen to Jazz and Celtic music to help keep my speed down. But what is wrong with these people driving. I mean less than 8 feet of room to pass between a car and a tractor trailer in the right lane and me in the left. when ZOOM out of the next Galaxy a car flew between us. I know I was in the Trucks blind spot. I wAs taught to drive by a truck driver and he taught me to respect the Big Riggs.So now I lean on my squeaky Subaru horn and he is ahead of me by 5 car lengths. I am just clearing the truck. I did get upset and flashed my lights, probably not a good idea, but I did do it. Wham bam the idiot hits his breaks at 75 miles an hour. Now the truck slows way down I had enough room to hit my breaks and not hit the idiot. So I move  in front of the truck to the right lane. Then an amazing thing occurred. I am trying to recover from all that and a little white car drives up to the idiot and rolls down his window and is yelling at the idiot for the whole episode. My son and I just could not believe that we had a champion and that there are decent people in this World. After that episode a not paying attention driver nearly rear ended me at a light. Thank goodness I leave a half a car length in front of me or I would have been hit. So my words of wisdom are Drive as if the most important person in the world is sitting next to you and in the other car. Stay safe on the roads. I used today as a stay in and quilt day after yesterday I needed it bad! I am 2/3 finished with one of the business quilts. Woohoo! I hope to get the binding on tomorrow. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!




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