Ready for Quilting!

America The Beautiful Sedona

America The Beautiful Sedona

Ah yes the unofficial start of the quilt season is here. I quilt all year but many of my quilt friends do not! Perish the thought! I am a year round quilter, not just because of my business but because I was brought up to never have idle hands. If I said I was bored as a child some nasty job would just be waiting for me to do. Not! So I learned needlework at an early age. I enjoy sitting and appliqueing, or creating or even sewing my bindings on. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I love the complete quilt making process from beginning to the end. I really do eat drink and sleep quilting. I have a passion for collecting fabric and love the feel smell and texture of it. The new and different fabrics for us to create with is truly awesome. I love the availability of great Quilt Shows to watch on line and a few on TV. The Quilt Out Loud episode is up and I am looking forward to watching my 2 favorite people tell me about their take on Quilting and other things a quilter does. We don’t just quilt. I also love my EQ6. I love designing and challenging myself in my designs. Not all my designs end up as quilts but I do make many from the program. It is the best version of EQ to date. it is fun and easy to learn. I am always amazed at what this program can do. So as you can see I am passionate about what I do. I am off to Guild meeting tonite. I have the Shop Hop this weekend and some of next week. I have at least 11 more business quilts to finish and do design work on my pattern covers. I am so busy I have no time to be Bored! I also manage to fit fun things into the schedule. I do have to temper all the activites but I do somehow it all works out! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


One thought on “Ready for Quilting!

  1. Having known Luann for many years…she has been stashing stuff(mostly fabric/sometimes teddy bears-keeping their heads out so they won’t snufficate) in the car, the closets, and many other places…and yes, she does beautiful work. I, on the other hand, take great pics…but cannot crochet—can knit, but the needles are now rusty and dusty…and someone else has to finish them off…but I take great pics of her artwork…and as an aside-her mother had been a great impressionist painter…who loved keeping her hands busy as well. Great memories.

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