Ahh Rainy Days!

Another Lighthouse from Jackie Thanks for sharing!

Another Lighthouse from Jackie Thanks for sharing!

Don’t you just want to stay in bed, reading a book in your jammies on rainy days. Well I am not in bed reading. I am doing my email and writing on my Blog. I will head into the Quilt Studio for some fabric therapy. I need to get a few things done today. I have had hubby home with a reoccurring back injury all this week. I love him being with me, but wish he was not in such pain. My pain is less this week thanks to the steroids. I am hoping it does not come back full force when I finish the dose. I have so much to do I will have to make my lists and attack the projects in order. I tend to sometimes jump from one to another. I need to re organize the list and just get it done. First order of business is the Churn Dash quilt and the Solidly Floral quilt. I also have to set up a photo session for my quilts with Jackie. I am waiting since I have to talk to the woman who manages the Center where I want to do the photo shoot. More on that soon. I received my second EQ6 upgrade in the mail today. I used up all my activations on the one I have. Since I teach EQ and design with it I need it to be on all my computers. Hubby will load it now on the main computer. I will get the patch from the site and I will be good to go. Love the technology! Glad to have a hubby that knows how to keep it running. Well off now to the Studio there is work to be done! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


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