Cool Weather!

Jackie has so many lighthouse photos I love them all!

Jackie has so many lighthouse photos I love them all!

Cool weather brings in the cold weather.It is such a lovely day. Cool breeze sunshine just a great early Fall day. The change in the seasons brings what I do to the fore front. It is such a wonderful feeling to cuddle up under a quilt. Or to sleep under a couple of quilts on the chilly New England nights. I love to sleep in a cool room. I guess thats because I love the weight of the quilts on me and actually sleep under a quilt all year. I became a quilter because I wanted to sleep under hand made quilts. I could not afford hand made Amish Quilts so I taught myself to quilt. I after all was a sewer. I made clothes and crafters! So how hard could it be to make a quilt. Piece of cake right! Wrong!!! I learned about the scant 1/4″ yes Scant! What the heck was that? I mean is it a quarter inch or isn’t it? I learned about the lines on my mat versus the use of the ruler. I learned placement of said ruler was everything. I also learned about wonky W’s in my cut strips. I started sewing and that scant quarter inch seam allowance about drove me nuts! I have figured all of this out and find my quilts are more accurate and seams match up better. I love that. I also love teaching new quilters about all of the above and seeing their aha moments. It is priceless! I am beginning to feel the need to shift my quilting from traditional into the art and fiber area. I feel a need to express more freely my ideas.Using new color and fabric combinations. Time will tell if I feel free enough or brave enough to take the leap!  Stay tuned for more of my journey! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


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