Taking Care of Loved Ones!

My Baby Jane

My Baby Jane

Ok I am a caregiver. I am also a caretaker. I monitor my families health care needs. I also try to take care of myself. That being said I am always busy. Fill med boxes, give Insulin shots. Order meds, and make Dr’s appointments. I also fit in taking care of my wonderful grandson 2 afternoons after school a week. I love that special time together. I try to fit in the business stuff at least I have a great Boss(me hehe) I get to work at my own pace and know it will all get done eventually. So this is a short post as I am off to a Dr’s appt for Mom. Cut,Piece and Quilt Enough.


Happy Quilting!


One thought on “Taking Care of Loved Ones!

  1. Dear Friend
    You are a remarkable person-always flexible, and always able to balance family, friends and others with grace. I will continue with the pics, need to find some seasonal ones…pumpkins, corn fields, hay etc…which will work for next spring/summer for fall prints and quilts…keep doing what you are doing…stay as healthy as you can. And I will be back soon with fall shots…Love ya, give my best to Mom and Mike.


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