Wondering what is next!

Star Night RoseI know the bomb shell news from Mark Lipinski leaving his Magazine and Internet show behind is not important to most. Well it is to his fans and friends. I am sure the soul seaching was gut wrenching. I also know that he will survive as we all will.  I have a lot of respect for those of us that have had to make the hard decisions and change our lives.  When the changes made finally occur and the act is done , we can enter a place of peace and Zen. I find sitting and hand sewing or sitting at my machine piecing or quilting can put me into a Zen mode. When I get up and continue my day I am more at peace with myself and the family. So take the time to feed your soul. enjoy life in anyway that pleases you. It is your life and your time. Do what you Love and Love what you do! Cut, Piece and Quilt E


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