Rainy Days!

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Oh yes rain feeds the Earth. Washes the grime away. Can be a gentle even rain or a storm to be reckoned with. I would love the rain more if it didn’t hurt me so. I am seeing the leaves changing. Fall is a time of harvesting and ending the growing season. Winter is a time if sleeping and resting. Spring is a time of rebirth. Summer is a time of growing and nurturing. As our seasons change here in the Northeast we contemplate the year gone by. We begin to plan the year to come. As I get older I find my years seem to fly by. When I was younger the year seemed so much longer. Stop and look at the changes around you. See the colors of the seasons and reflect on the joys in your life! Put the sorrows to rest and move on. Change is necessary for life. Staying the same is safe but not exciting. Take a chance and step out of your same old same old mold. You may just like what you find! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


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