Slow and Steady Improvement!

I Loved Making this quilt!

I Loved Making this quilt!

Whew! I am still coughing not as much mind you but still not at 100%. I have been resting alot. Getting tired of doing nothing, but I know I will not get better iffin I try to do too much. So another day or 2 of resting and letting the drugs do there stuff and I should be ready to face the next 3 weeks challenges.I am teaching a class on Sat. I have to finish preparing stuff for the Guild Quit Show on Oct 10th. I have to prepare and pack for Houston Quilt Festival. So I need to get better to accomplish all that I need to do. I am not a patient person when I am sick. I want to be feeling better fast. I also know it has to run its course so I will wait and rest until I am all better! On a brighter not I am starting to dream of quilts again. I can’t wait to sit and design a few new patterns. Looking forward to seeing the new things in Quilt Festival. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough.


Happy Quilting!


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