So much to do!

Slow and steady wins the race. I find when I have a lot of things waiting for my attention I need to stop. Re evaluate and make a list or 2 or 3 of the things I need to do. I have found this to help me over the years. I believe it is the science background in me. Organize and focus on the things at hand. I will get it all done. I always do. If I don’t then it was not meant to be finished and I usually can let it go. I am off on errands today. Then into the studio to cut 2 table runners and put borders on the Posies on Parade WH and maybe quilt some more on the Solidly Floral WH. I am going to start picking a quilt of mine and tell you something about it. How I made it or why I made it so let me know if you like this and want to see and hear more!

Dreaming of Fall Weather

Dreaming of Fall Weather

Ok this Falling Leaves Quilt has a history and wonderful story. I started formally quilting on line with a group of women quilters. We had block swaps. We received blocks from all over the country and the world. I made my leaves and sent them in. When the swapping was finished the swap Mom sent all the blocks back. I received wonderfully colorful blocks. Except for the blocks that had stems that were way to big. Somehow they missed measured and it happens to the best of us. The stems just shouted look I am bigger neener neener! What to do. I designed my very first quilt. I took those blocks and positioned them in just the right places. I designed my pumpkin center and hand appliqued the pumpkins in place. I then found my leaf patterns and went crazy cutting out leaves. I scattered my leaves all over the quilt top. I then appliqued and buttonhole stitched the leaves with black floss. It sat waiting to be quilted. I started hand quilting it. I finished it and put the binding on . Done right! Wrong! My dog Max decided he wanted to nest in said quilt and ripped the black floss on 5 leaves. So repaired the leaves and removed the quilt from the son’s bed and now have a lovely fall quilt in a safe place. I hope you enjoyed learning about my quilt. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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