Fall Winds!

Jackie out leaf peeping

Jackie out leaf peeping

Fall is here the temperature is dropping and the winds are a blowing! It is a wonderful time of the year. Apple picking. choosing the perfect pumpkin. getting ready for Halloween. I love it! I think Fall is one of me most favorite times of the year. I love seeing the riot of colors as our leaves change here in New England. Jackie has been out leaf peeping and here is one of her photos! I am getting ready for the quilt show and Houston 6 days and a wake up. I am so excited. It will not be an all show week. We are going to check out Houston and do a little something else. I will see the show and shop the vendors. hubby will I hope relax and not be bothered by work. Ugh ya well at least he will not answer the phone or do the work in front of me! I just wonder why bother going away if you still have to check email and voice mail and deal with the stuff at work when you are 2500 miles away! Why can’t they leave you alone when you are on Vacation hum.

Purple Thistle Round Robin Quilt

Purple Thistle Round Robin Quilt

This quilt is  my Purple Thistle Quilt. It is a Round Robin Quilt. I made the center of the quilt and picked co coordinating fabrics to send with the center to 6 other quilters around the World. We sent our boxes to each other and had no idea what we would get back. I am really happy with this quilt. Everyone wanted to take my quilt home. The Round Robin had guidelines for us to follow. Each round had to be done as the instructions mandated. But what a difference in all the quilts. This was my second Round Robin. The size of the center determines the size of the quilt. This is a great way to get a quilt you may never have thought of doing. I have 3 unfinished round robins to get done. I am hand quilting one. I have borders to put on 2 of them a long story. But on the whole I love being a part of a round robin. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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