A Great Day!

Cottage Round Robin Art Quilt

Cottage Round Robin Art Quilt

Wow what a great day! The Quilt show was a great success. I was manning the This and That Table. We did great! I called us the recession busting table. Low prices and lots of well organized and presented items, gently loved. It was great fun. I had 2 wonderful friends helping me. Everyone that worked on or in the show did a wonderful job. I had my really good friend come down from NH for the show and she took a ton of pictures. I am going to doa Power Point presentation of the quilts. I am really tired tonight and have kicked back to relax. All I can say it well done ladies and helpers well done!


One thought on “A Great Day!

  1. Wow..what a great day…I got home around midnight…I am the photo geek, seen roaming the quilt show with a camera in hand.
    Such a well organized event. Such wonderful people. I thank all of the quilters who attempted to explain to me-techniques used…and I had to let them know the work was beautiful, but I do not understand ‘quilt’. With photography, I need to be patient…and patient….but not sure I have your kind of patience…thats ok, we can still work together. Enjoy the pics.

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