I am not MIA!

DSCN0006I am not missing in action, nor am I buried under a pile of fabric. I am home from Houston and finally getting my wind back. It was a wonderful trip. Hubby and I saw Houston and ate at wonderful restaurants. We had an upgrade on our room after having to stay at a different Hotel the first night. It was marvelous darling! The quilt show was as amazing as it always is. I networked and enjoyed seeing the quilts. Hubby took the photos for me. Of course on the way home he tells me he wanted to see the vendors. I had only planned for him to see the quilts. Silly me. When I vend at market he will have to come with me again and I hope we do Festival too. It was such a larger amount of walking that I was tired when we finished the day. I could not face the computer. I am back and have many wonderful ideas buzzing around in my head. Yesterday I took the dog Max our Beagle to the Pet Smart groomers. He was all done they were getting him for me when “some how he backed off the grooming table and landed on his left rear leg”. He came out to me with no weight-bearing on that leg. They stated he  slipped the neck holder and Jumped off the table. I think not! I use a harness for him as the choke collars cause trauma to his neck. So over we went to the Vet in the store not a part of Pet Smart but there anyways. He saw the Vet she Xrayed the leg and he is now in for surgery to repair the ACLs of that leg. Now as a nurse I knew immediately that he was hurt bad. It was hard for me to stay calm as I know my dog. He needs a firm hand. The very young boy doing the grooming had no clue. All the regular groomers that knew my dog were not there. No longer work there. Sounds strange to me get rid of the good groomers hire un trained people to work with beloved pets. Geesh! So now I have to take care of Max for the next 2 weeks. We will need to do rehab with him as well. So keep him in your thought’s today as he has his knee fixed! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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