Busy Teaching!

Bees in the Lilies Wall Hanging

Bees in the Lilies Wall Hanging

Yesterday I had a great class at the Fabric Bug Quilt shop! I taught a Color Theory Class. We learned all about color. I did a trunk show of my quilts. We picked a focus fabric and matched it with fabrics from the shop. It was a great day. I was asked to teach a  class needle turn appliquè class and scheduled 3 other classes for the next teaching sessions. Now to get them ready. Samples due the week of Thanksgiving. I also need to write 3 patterns today. I need to remake a block for one to get the exact measurements I will need for the block. That is the priority today. I am so happy to be feeling well and have so much to do. Max is recovering here at home. Trying to keep him from chewing at the stitches. He has an E collar but we only use it at night or when we can not watch him. I will be out in the living room for today so need to bring all my stuff here for me to be with him. So much fun! After all the rain yesterday we are having a really nice day today! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


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