Working my way through the patterns!

Cabin Roses 2webOk I designed several quilt patterns in the past 2 days! I wrote info on 3 classes for the next session at Tha Fabric Bug Quilt Shop. I am dog sitting trying to keep him from chewing the stitches out of his leg. He sees the Doctor tomorrow. He is doing better than I am for sure! He is spoiled now to sleeping in my room on the floor. He has that E collar on and it makes such noise. I sleep less soundly afraid something may happen to him. I did sleep better last nite. I will be writing and defining 2 patterns today and telling dog not to lick. So need to stay near him until he falls asleep. I will be cutting and sewing a couple blocks for my newest pattern. I am looking forward to seeing these patterns come together! Enjoy your day! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


One thought on “Working my way through the patterns!

  1. Take care, good luck with the pup, and ongoing/continued success with the patterns…
    I think I finished finding the pics for the video montage, except how to transfer 1 pic to the disc…and I have picked out the music tracks…now to connect with Cait-to help, when I hit a wall, and cannot figure out stuff…oh yes, need to register the car, call my md, send off stuff to Meghan, deliver stuff to Cait…and head back to Worcester…I visited Walmart yesterday–feeling like a pauper—used their change machine–over 186.00 back

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