Working Hard for my Money!

Jackie's Photos I love them!Well I spent all day yesterday writing! Woo hoo am I getting some work done. I have one pattern written and a second almost finished. Since I need to dog sit so he won’t chew at his stitches. I am getting stuff done! I will try to sew out here a little later. Oh and did I mention he loves to wake me up to take him out at least 2 hours before I was planning on getting up. Geesh! I am now sewing the leaves on the body of the Posies on Parade Wall Hanging. I want to get the borders on today. Doggie goes to the Vet today. I hope we have some good news. I need to send teaching stuff to Jayne at the Fabric Bug for the next session. The rain has started! Just showers today they say but it is a steady rain. I hope it stops this afternoon when we need to go out!  I hope it is a nice day where you are! Enjoy! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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