Oh My Costume Making!

My Convergence quilt

My Version of a Convergence Quilt

Well my Dear Sweet Wonderful daughter came over today! I loved seeing her but……………… she brought with her fabric an old dress and said make me look like a hot vampire. She had a vision, did I tell you she was creative! We spent 3 hours put the dress on, take it off, sew the stuff on. Readjust things. Jam the sewing machine yikes! Then fixed the sewing machine and finished the outfit said good-bye and settled the dog for a nap on the couch. He was all riled up with her here. So that was my afternoon. I did sew 2 seams on the paper pieced table runner. She and I also discussed the books and the high-resolution things I need to do. It will be great having this stuff done with her help. She is a creative Art Director and Production Person. She knows the marketing business well and she NEEDS Work so let me know if you need Graphic Design work done. She is freelancing now. You will be more than satisfied with her work! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Happy Quilting!


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