Almost Back to Normal!

Star Night Sail web

Star Night Sail

Puppy news! Max is almost back to normal. He is slowly starting to use his leg again. He slept in his crate last night and did very well. I think he missed it. He was also sleeping nicely on my recliner hum well he got off only when I got a doggie biscuit for him. He is much better without the stitches. I am getting ready to do some work in the Quilt Studio. I cleaned up a little yesterday so did not accomplish any real work. Today I need to cut a few quilt projects out. I am looking forward to quilting over the next 3 days. I love being my own boss. I also need to crack the whip and work. When you have so many other things to do for the family and yourself, things that get in the way of work it is hard to accomplish what you set out to do. Today is Grandson day so after 3pm no quilt work for me until he leaves. Then I am to tired to do much. Ah the wonders of being a grandmother! So once I post off I go into the Studio. So much to do. Cut Piece and Quilt Enough!

Happy Quilting!


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