Cold Weather is Upon US!

Another of Jackies Photos you go girlThe cold weather is coming! This weekend will bring us a Nor’Easter. That means lots of wind and rain coming our way! Yuck! It is colder and cloudy here today! The bones are feeling the weather change. Wish I was in NV where it is Dry! The cold and humidity takes its’ toll on me. I have quilting to help me forget the pains. I am so grateful for that! I will finish The Charming the Squares Quilt top today. It is a nice pattern great for FQ’s and charm squares and scraps. I will start cutting the Oriental Charmers Quilt today and tomorrow. It will go much faster. One less round of squares to add.  I need to look at and work on the proposal for the book. Sent stuff to daughter to figure out a Logo for the business. I need to rewrite the Oriental Charmers pattern and adjust the Charming the squares pattern. Steady as she goes. It will all get done. Maybe not all done today but it will get done! So after a trip to the Doctors with Mom today I will be working in the Studio again. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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