Steady as She Goes!


Bee's in the Lilies WH

I finished the appliquè on the Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging last night. I will get the borders on and may even have time to quilt it before it goes to the quilt shop for the class sample. It is sweet hubby likes it. Then again he likes everything I make LOL. Oh well it is always great to have someone to cheer you on in your endeavors. This has been a tough 2 days due to the horrible weather! This is when I am happy to have deadlines and I push myself into my work! I really get things done and forget I am in pain until I move!  I have to do corrections to my patterns. I will get them done soon. I am working on Oriental Charms Lap Quilt and will be teaching that soon. I am busy but at my pace it is doable. A little each day really gets things finished. Off to the Studio! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Creatively Quilting!


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