Another Sit and Sew Day

Jackie it is amazing!

It was another wonderful sit and sew day with my dear quilting friends. Good food, great conversations and always wonderful show and tell. I came home tired from the day. I also come home with new ideas and great kudos for my show and tell projects. I look forward to the one day a month I have been meeting with these ladies for over 6 years! They are all a wonderful group of women and I love them ALL! My quilt friends can help me solve a sticky problem. They can share my pain at ripping out blocks. The can tell me what is working and what is not! I love the feed back good or not so good! I am off to my other Guild meeting tomorrow night. A very large Guild and I love that group as well. I must say I have met very few quilters that I do not like. I worked on the Posies on Parade quilt today. I love how it is coming out! Hope to get it finished soon. I am going to sit and sew for a little while until hubby gets home. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Creatively Quilting!


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