Designing Pitfalls!

Homecoming quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting

Have you ever had a design fail? It is a frustrating experience for sure! What we do with that failure defines who we are! I am happy to say when my designs fail I get scrappy! I find a way to use pieces or parts in a new project or in a different way. Then a new design emerges and I am happy again. I was working on the Asian Charmers Pattern doing it with Moda Harvest Home 5″ charm packs and layer cake packs so it is scrappy looking. I realized I wanted a more planned look sooooo guess what more Retrograde constructing is in store. I ordered more blue fabric from the line and will redo this quilt yet again. The joys of a designer. I have to finish re-writing the pattern and get it to Marianne at Quadrille Quilting it is her design and she will be teaching it at her shop. I also want to get it done to take to the Fabric Bug and Newtown Quilts. I like the pattern it will be a great 3 color quilt pattern. I also designed my own pattern based loosely on this one it is Charming the Squares and is much scrappier. I like both of them. I am pushing to get these things finished so I can work on more fun things! I have been having pain issues and need to find another Doctor ugh! I will forge on and not let it get me down. I have no time that. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!


Creatively Quilting!


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