Doggie Update!

MaxYes this is a Doggie Update brought to you by Quilting Under the Covers the quilt pattern that puts you in the driver’s seat! Make the pattern your way or my way. Directions are complete so beginners and experienced quilters alike can feel confident using these patterns. Ok so I am not a marketing person. That would be my wonderful daughter. She will help me market my business and design my Logo for me. I am looking forward to that. The dog Max is doing better. He so does not want to put his leg down. He can and should be by now but he doesn’t. I do have him outside and walking. We do crazy eights and curb work. Trying to get him to use the leg all the time! Today is cloudy so I am sure he aches just like I do. But he is getting better slowly! I am off to the Studio to recut the Asian Charmers quilt I am making. I will cut the border for the Charming the Squares quilt. Sew that border onto the quilt. Then finish up a few things. I need to sit and write. Maybe later or tomorrow. I have Thursday Night Ladies Quilt group tonite and need to get to this meeting. So as you can see I have a busy day ahead. I hope you have a great day! Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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