Shopping is Hard Work!

Tell me what you want for Christmas!

Ok no Lists for Santa means he tells the Elves what to make and you get whatever! You take your chances on gifts on Christmas Day! I know I have not given my list yet. Hubby will get it tonight! He can email Santa with the details. We are wanting a nice trip next year. I hope he sends us someplace warm! Our tree is up and the photo geek friend wants a photo. Well she is slightly undressed so when it is finished I will get a photo and post it. Dog is doing so much better. I am sitting in the living room enjoying the pellet stove. It was cold in here soooo I turned it on. Toasty warm now. I will be doing some shopping this weekend wish me luck! We are also going to get Chris’s room done and the work table in my room. I can’t wait for it to all be done. It will look great. Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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