Flickering Lights!

Well the lights flickered today! So what you may say, well Mom (82) years old was sent into a tail spin. She opens her door and yells up anyone home up there? I say yes! She asks did your lights flicker? I said Yes! She says I wonder what happened. I say they must be working on the power lines.  That calmed her down. Just another day in Paradise. Well I am off to the spare room. I will get it redone today. I have to start moving things. I need to take things off the bookcases to move them out. I need to build the new dresser and shelves that will go in there. So much to do! So off I go. Stay Safe out there People!  well I was all set to publish my blog and the lights went out for 2 hours. I did get the room almost finished will work on it tomorrow.Cut, Piece and Quilt Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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