I finished quilting the queen size quilt. I have the binding on it. I am hand sewing it on the rest of the way. Whew that is one big quilt. I have been working on smaller quilts and this one is just way big! But it is finished and will be given away soon. I will post a photo here very soon. Speaking of photos. I finally took some of the new Quilt Studio!  I am so happy with the results. Now to finish the Library aka Son’s room! I have quite a bit to get done in there. I kinda just threw things on the shelves to get them out-of-the-way. Now I have to sort through everything and reorganize the quilt books. My business patterns are done but I have so much more to do. A little at a time and it will get done! So enjoy the photos and have a great day! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting !


One thought on “Finished!

  1. What a nice job..still worried the bins may fall again…and just a little concerned the light fixtures are close to bins…just me looking at safety. I still think some kind of stretchy net(often used to secure things on sailing vessels..
    Great job, nicely done.
    by the way my contract is extended–just waiting for the paperwork.

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