More Sorting!

More sorting and cleaning yuck! I want to be designing and working in the Studio. Alas I have to finish the Library I am just finishing up the fabric that was in there. I need to find new places for it now. I will then tackle the shelves and reorganize all the books! So much fun! But when I finish it will be as wonderful as the Quilt Studio! I am still doing the binding on the Monster queen size quilt. I will post a photo of it soon. I also did not go to all day quilting miss the gals a lot. I am on an antibiotic and as usual for me it is causing side effects yuck. So I say home and work in the rooms. At least it is warm inside. Dog is at the doggie spa miss him too. He is doing really well. Needed a bath and nails done so off he went today. He will be back later! Well off to work! Stay warm and safe! Live Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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