Quilt is Finished!

One of 3 Bed of Roses Quilts I have made for me and my 2 sisters

Yep! Laura’s quilt is done she gets it today! She is an Angel in Disguise! She takes care of Mom 5 days a week 2 hours a day and that is amazing! I hope she enjoys the quilt. It was a UFO and is now finished. It is a great feeling to finish a UFO or PhD. I will start on the next UFO my Bed of Roses quilt. I just need to get the box down. I want that one done by the end of Feb. At least the top. I maybe able to sandwich and quilt it we will see. My 2 sisters have their Bed of Roses quilts. I just need to finish mine. They have the same pattern different colors. Mine is a different pattern same name and has what else Appliqué on it. So off I go into the Studio after I give Laura her quilt! Have a great Day! Live, Love and laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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