Looking Ahead!

It is always so much better to look ahead. I guess it has to do with what kind of person you are. If you are a positive type of person you always look ahead. What happened is done and can not be undone. So you look ahead. A person that thinks in the negative looks at what has happened and tries to see how to change or fix it. They dwell on what has happened and they do not see the present and the possibilities of the future. I am most definitely a positive person. I see the present and the future with wide open eyes and relish in the endless possibilities. I think that is why I can create the quilts that I do. I embrace the design and morph it to the visions I have allowing the changes to make it even better than my first vision. I feel creative people are like that. I could not imagine not being positive and seeing the negative of things. Don’t get me wrong sometimes negative thinking people are necessary. They keep the creative people from floating away on their visions. I just know that no matter how I try I will always be the positive type of person. It’s just me. I am so blessed for all that I have. I send prayers and hope to the people of Hati! Please keep them in your thoughts as they struggle through the aftermath of the quake!

Live, Love and Laugh Enough!


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