Coming Down the Finishline!

Yes indeed I am coming down the finish line to the end of the room makeovers. I am so happy that I am almost done! Whew what a job it has been. I reorganized the quilt books and need to do the patterns today. I also need to clean and purge stuff dumped in the spare room. It is coming along really well. I have the Studio just the way I want it. It is so nice to just go in sit down and sew. I also know where everything is and can get to the fabric I want. The projects I want to work on. The gadgets I need to sew with. Yes I feel great with the room make overs.I did manage to finish a new wall hanging for a class. Tulips in a vase for Spring. I will get the borders on today. The pattern is even written for it. I am ahead for a change. I also cleaned 2 cabinets yesterday. Got rid of junk I don’t need or use. They look wonderful. I have the desk area and the bills hanging around that need shredding and cleaning. That will be next week. It is so uplifting to have the mess cleaned and a tidy area to work and live in. Off to sort patterns and move things around. Have a great day! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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