Another Year Older!

Another year older yikes.  It is coming on fast this middle age stuff. I am not getting older. I am aging like fine wine. I love being wiser but I wish some of the wisdom came in my 30″s. Ah well I will continue my quilting and find ways to use my wisdom!

Speaking of wisdom I am finishing up UFO’s. Thats’s unfinished projects for my non quilter readers. Ok so I found a round robin quilt that needed a last border. I had not finished it because it just needed something to calm it down. Celestial design and colors with a really busy star border. I did not like that border. It was out-of-place and was taking the eye away from the center of the quilt! If figured out with my Daughters help that the border had to go! So yes I ripped it off the center. I designed a new quilt to use the 4 pieces I ripped off the quilt. I am sewing the new rows as I designed a row by row quilt. I started pressing the edges of the 4 star rows and OMG! What a royal mess the seams on the back are. It is a poster for what not to do to the back of your blocks. Now remember I said it was a round robin quilt. I made the center and sent the block off to other quilts to add a round to it. Well let me just say when I work on a quilt mine or for another I am very careful with how I sew and press it. I want the next person to have an easy time placing the next round. What is up with quilters? Do they just not care or really do not know how to piece and match the previous rounds of the quilt. It looks like they had a project they just slapped it on and said whew finished. Well I am getting 2 quilts from one and I know my seams are straight and secure. So look at the backs of your blocks would you be comfortable with someone looking at them? Would you?  Ok here are the photos you be the Judge! Happy to have a heat wave today 28 degrees! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!


Creatively Quilting!


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