What is it about that word? WORK! A four-letter word! We work to earn money to pay our bills. To eat and to buy things for ourselves and our loved ones. But work is just that work. Sometimes if we are lucky(like me) we get to do what we Love! But most times we can not. I feel life is short do what you love to do if it can pay the bills etc. If not find a job that you can tolerate and then do what you love in your free time. How? Well learn a simple two letter word when asked to do things you do not want to do! That word is NO! Yep a simple word but oh so hard to use. We women tend to have issues with using it. We think we need to be super women and do it All! But we are not and do not have to do it all. Nope we don’t. I have a wonderful spouse he does a lot for me. I also have learned the value of the word No! It is hard when I say it! But I do say it. That is what matters most. So do you have trouble saying No? Think about it! I will spend most of today with the business paperwork! A little time in the Studio and then time with the grandson. He rarely hears the word No from me. But thats what Grammies are for right! Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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