I am preparing for a class tomorrow. I am the student for this one! It is a guild event and I want to learn the method. So I am taking the class. It is a day to spend with quilt friends! That is the very best part. I need to pull my stuff together.I have to pack up my stuff. I am making a landscape scene of Sedona Arizona. I loved that trip and will try to capture the red rocks I saw there. It will be fun. I want to finish the row by row quilt. Since my Resolution to finish my UFO’s this year. I have finished the tops for the Bed of Roses Quilt, the Clestial Round Robin Quilt and I finished a UFO quilt I call Tilted 9 patches which is a queen size quilt. So I hope to keep up the pace and finish a top or quilt a month! It is really not that hard since the room makeover. I labeled all the boxes with the UFO’s and can can pick the next ones to work on. I have a bag I started around 2000 and it is ready for batting and quilting. I will post photos of everything soon. What are you working on? Do you find time to sew everyday? No!  Try breaking the projects down into smaller sections. I like to setup piecing and when I can sit for 15 mins piece as much as I can. It is amazing what you can do in 15 mins. My challenge for you is to try it. Do 15 mins of sewing or quilting or cutting! Even cleaning the sewing area. I was a messy quilter. I am finding the room is so bright and orderly that I put the stuff away as soon as I finish with it. No more piles of stuff in the Studio. It is not the drop it here area anymore. So let me know what you did to make your hobby a lot more fun for you! Live, Love and Laugh Enough! 

CReatively Quilting!


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