Back from Class!

I am home from a class with my Guild. It was a fun class. Jennifer O’Brien of Sew Craft showed us how to use the different sprays to make a vacation photo art quilt. Mine is of Sedona, AZ.  I have a lot more stitching to do to paint in the details. It was fun to see all the different photos and fabrics used. Loved it!  Now I will rest for a while.  Need it bad.  Also came home to the dog who ripped my embroidery out of my bag and it’s hoop. Tore the fabric. He is in his crate sulking!  Mommy yelled at him.  He will get over it.  I need to put all the fabric and stuff from the class today back where it belongs. I love keeping the Studio clean! No snow here in Northern CT but it is cold!  Stay safe and warm.  Live, Love and Laugh Enough!

Creatively Quilting!


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